Villa Elena

An enchanting location for your wedding

Immersed in the quiet and purity of the Abruzzo landscape, which slowly slides towards the clear blue of the sea, dragging scents and sensations with it, Villa Elena holds a casket that reflects the colors of the sky: it is the romantic swimming pool, which rises crystal clear between the green velvet of the gardens and recalls the same nuances of the Adriatic a few kilometers away. Imagine balmy evenings by the pool, surrounded by nature that is reflected in the clear blue waters: there is no better place for the magical moment of cutting the cake or to share the rich sugared almonds and the cigar corner with your guests. rum. The sun goes down to illuminate the reflections of the pool, which are immediately adorned with sparkles and nuances, to dye your special receptions with suggestion and envelop them with the sweetest essence that your emotions give.


At Villa Elena all the spaces have been designed to meet the needs of comfort and style of the guests, taking care of every detail of the external environments to guarantee the livability of each corner of the structure. Let yourself be lulled by the sweet sound of the fountain just a few steps away and by the candid transparency of the pool waters which softly insinuate themselves into the evocative setting of the gardens of Villa Elena, to enrich them with iridescent and iridescent shades: sound effects and colors that make Villa Elena the ideal location perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Large Gardens

Fascinating scenarios that absorb the most authentic sensations of the Abruzzo area, to release their essence in centuries-old trees that hold a thousand stories to tell. Large spaces, which stretch in an endless play of colors, set up with a very personal and elegant style, to give each ceremony that magical character of charm and refinement. Villa Elena, with its characteristic treasures of the Lanciano landscape, becomes the setting for intense outdoor ceremonies. An enchanting location, which steals the light to embellish every shot.