Villa Elena

Elegant Spaces With Attention to the Smallest Details

Ambients conquered by light and colours, spaces that are filled with your sensations and with the notes that color your receptions with refined intensity, to make them unforgettable. The imposing architecture releases whiteness and sparkles that embellish every corner of the room, designed to host events of all kinds, from intimate ceremonies to numerous weddings. The spaces open up in all directions allowing you to breathe intensely every moment of the reception. Each ceremony at Villa Elena is never similar to any moment already experienced, so that your party is marked by a personal style that combines the candor of the shapes with the personalization of the details. So that every detail expresses all the nuances of your dreams.

Fittings and Decorations

Precious details enrich the spaces, so vast and bright as to allow you to enjoy the reception from every angle. Unexpected and suggestive atmospheres that let nature spread beyond the windows in every room, competing with the reverberations of the lights to embellish your moments.


Villa Elena

Sirio Room

Villa Elena

Treat yourself to an exclusive ceremony in a location capable of telling your fairy tale through sumptuous colors and details, which enclose every aroma of your day at Villa Elena. The Sirio Room, the largest and most capacious, will surprise you with its majesty and the splendid window overlooking the romantic garden.

Castor Room

Villa Elena

Iridescent nuances that radiate through the room to give sensations imbued with charm and pleasure of the senses, tickled by the fine taste of the furnishings and scents of the specialties of our chefs.

Pollux Room

Villa Elena

Surprise your guests with the elegance of the shapes that crosses Villa Elena: the soft lines that expand through the rooms are dressed in sumptuousness through furnishings and decorations with romantic hues. At Villa Elena moments dedicated only to you are born in environments that blend velvety volumes and precious settings to your desires, creating a synthesis between pure perceptions and intense emotions.

Unrepeatable Ceremonies

The large internal spaces reflect the grandeur and charm given by the romantic garden, to offer a sensation from memory at every moment and every shot unmistakable.

Our Hospitality

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