Villa Elena

Unforgettable Memories and Emotions

Versatile gardens, which absorb natural light during the day to be tinged with colors and lanterns for evening receptions. Ideal spaces to welcome the highlights of the ceremony, from the aperitif to the appetizer buffet. To season every moment with the uncontaminated charm of nature. The sun goes down to illuminate the reflections of the pool, which are immediately adorned with sparkles and nuances, to dye your special receptions with suggestion and envelop them with the sweetest essence that your emotions give.

sensations of charm and calm

Experience the emotions of a reception with attention to the smallest details, in which every element of the landscape contributes to instilling feelings of charm and quiet.

One detail, a thousand emotions

Enjoy the excitement of your most important days together with your children: Villa Elena dedicates a completely fenced play area to the little ones where they can play and have fun in complete safety. The gardens of Villa Elena, far from the noise of the street and full of spaces set up with sober refinement, represent an enchanting setting, designed to be lived intensely.